PyCon: Write Less Code with XRC for wxPython

Here are some random comments:
  • His approach simplifies layout.
  • There are multiple ways to do layout.
  • Use sizers!
  • This project lets you load widgets from an XML document.
  • There are many ways to generate the XRC document.
  • The XRCed program comes by default with wxPython, and it's quite nice.
  • It doesn't work with wx.Grid or custom widgets.


Unknown said…
Thanks for the notes, Shannon. I was the presenter, and again I apologize for the hardware SNAFU that ate up the first few minutes, but I appreciate everyone's patience and I'm glad people got something out of it regardless.

A minor correction to your last point: XRC doesn't yet have a wx.Grid handler, but you can easily work with wx.Grid and other unsupported classes simply by using an "Unknown" widget and calling "AttachUnknownWidget" in your code. Nearly painless.