PyCon: Some More Random Comments

I got a chance to speak at length with Adele Goldberg, co-author of Smalltalk. We were discussing the subject of Women in IT. Apparently, she found my comments about harnessing sexual energy quite entertaining. During our talk, she mentioned The Girls' Middle School. There are many things we can do to improve the situation and help more women make it into IT.

During the lighting talks, there was a guy who was the world record holder for solving Rubik's Cube blindfolded. He said that you should learn how a Rubik's Cube works if you wish to solve it. There are 8 corner pieces and 12 side pieces. The middle pieces are basically fixed. In order to memorize the state of the cube, he assigned numbers to each of the corners and separately to each of the sides. Hence, you have a list of 8 corners and a list of 12 sides. Once you have the two lists memorized, it's really just a matter of sorting the list. He advised solving the corners first, and then solving the sides.

Ian Bicking gave a lighting talk in which he gave a screen cast about a new "more intelligent" Web framework. It was a spoof. It was hilarious! I really hope he blogs it!