PyCon: Keynote: Robert M. Lefkowitz

This was by far the strangest and perhaps thought provoking of the talks. The speaker admitted he hadn't come to provide answers, but only to ask questions. His resume clearly implies he's a brilliant guy. I can only attempt to convey some of the ideas he put forth:
  • Code should be treated as a communication medium.
  • If source code is written literature meant primarily for human consumption, it makes sense to internationalize it. It's easy to internationalize the keywords. It might take more work to internationalize the functions and variable names.
  • It makes sense to create a way to verbalize source code.
  • The study of rhetoric should be applied to programming.
  • He thought that the separation of code into multiple modules was a compiler-only requirement that detracted from readability. I personally disagree.
There was much, much more, but it is beyond my abilities to provide a full summary.