PyCon: IronPython: Present and Futures

Jim Hugunin's talks are always spectacular, and this was no exception.

He implemented generics for Python. Python doesn't really need these. However, it's necessary to interact with some .NET libraries.

He gave this great demo of the XNA game framework for .NET that targets both Windows and the XBox. Naturally, it runs the code in a sandbox. Because of this, Microsoft is allowing anyone to write code for the XBox. He wrote Python code for the framework. It was a really impressive 3D application with spectacular performance. Unfortunately, IronPython can't yet run on XBox or Windows mobile because that version of .NET doesn't support generating byte codes on the fly.

Apparently the guys from Microsoft Robotics Studio came to him to ensure they could program robots in Python. They wanted to embrace it from the very beginning. He gave a really great robot demo where a robot fetched a ball using software written in Python.


jnowl said…
Hi Shannon,

What are the plans for IronPython do you know? I.e. is it going to be 'Officially sanctioned' by MS? I ask 'cause anything in the affirmative will make the PHB more comfortable.
jjinux said…
Well, Jim works for Microsoft and this is part of his job. Furthermore, it's integrated with Visual Studio. I don't know how much more "officially sanctioned" it can be. Remember that Microsoft is encouraging users to use the language of their choice, as long as it's part of .NET.