PyCon: Introduction

I just got back from PyCon 2007. It was awesome! :-D

I'm going to post summaries of the talks I went to. I'll post them one at a time so as not to overwhelm the reader. Some talks weren't that interesting, but I'll post something brief anyway, just for completeness.

The trip home from Texas to California has taken nine hours so far. It's almost 4 AM, and I'm stuck in the airport until puplic transit starts running in a few hours. On the plane, there was a medical emergency as well as a mechanical malfunction, so the plane had to return to the gate twice! Well, now's a great time to do some blogging!

Here are some brief comments. There were just shy of 600 attendees. The laptops were pretty evenly split between Windows, Mac, and Linux. This was due to a huge increase in the number of Ubuntu Linux users. The next PyCon will be in Chicago.

Update: I got home at 8:30 AM after thirteen and a half hours. I knew I was having problems when I asked the traffic guy where the "BART to bus" was--twice. Since I was at SFO, that statement made no sense in at least two ways!