PyCon: Developing with IronPython and Windows Forms

Here are some random comments:
  • One of the IronPython guys was a "reformed" Ruby on Rails guy ;)
  • One of the guys didn't even like Windows, but admitted, "Windows Forms is nice."
  • C# doesn't have first class functions.
  • The ability to use Windows Forms and IronPython together is a great boon for .NET developers.
  • If you're going to use this stuff, buy the full version of Visual Studio instead of relying on the free version.


Michael Foord said…
Hello JJ,

Thanks for your comments.

IronPython development is very easy without Visual Studio. You can also use the designer in Visual Studio Express (free) to generate C# and then subclass in IronPython. Just remember to set the attributes you need access to to protected...