Scalability: The Scaling Myth

Scalability is not about using Java...We can create a scalable system in PHP that contains only one tier, no XML, no Java, and isn't even very fast:
echo "Hello world!";
...It meets our three scalability criteria nicely. We can accommodate traffic growth by adding more web servers; nothing in the code needs to be changed...Our code is also very maintainable; there's not a trained programmer out there who couldn't figure out how to maintain it--for instance, if we needed to change it to say "Hello there". ["Building Scalable Web Sites" p. 203]


Anonymous said…
you're missing the point completely

it is very easy to make something look like it is "scaling up well" when you don't actually do anything at all

sleeping for 1 second is not equivalent to executing an operation that takes 1 second
> you're missing the point completely

Actually, I think *you* are missing the point entirely ;) This is a quote from a book. It's supposed to be funny ;)

To address your point, it doesn't matter if it sleeps or if it actually spins in a busy loop for a second. The code in question scales horizontally because there's no data that needs to be shared between the servers.
Anonymous said…
Webservers scale, relational databases don't.
+1 for trolling ;)
Brandon L. Golm said…
> Webservers scale, relational databases don't.

Anonymous said…
scimoredb scales!