Blogger: New Template

I just picked a new template for this blog. Reading Ian Bicking's blog, I learned that fixed width columns are like totally uncool. Hence, I picked something that flowed to the page width.

If this new look pisses you off, I can change it back. If there's anything you see missing, please tell me. Otherwise, tell me if you like the new template. It's the one that irritated me the least.


Anonymous said…
Well, the problem with fluid columns is that the longer the line is the harder is for eye to figure out which is the next line to read.

In fact the common advice is that for longer lines one has to increase the line-height accordingly. To compensate this you could put a limit to the width on the main content column via the max-width CSS property (this won't work on IE6, but it's better than nothing).

Another common tip is that line-height must be greater than word spacing, or eye will tend to jump to the next line instead of the next word.

Michael Foord said…
Yup - fluid columns are beloved of programmers because they get to use all of their super big monitors.

Designers prefer fixed-width columns because they look better.

Guess which I use... yep... fluid. :-)