Vim 7: Lovin' It

I finally installed Vim 7. I also took the time to install various plugins. Here are some things that are making me happy:
  • Honest to goodness, real tabs.
  • Auto-completion and built-in documentation lookup for many different programming languages.
  • Editing files and browsing directories remotely over scp works.
  • Subversion integration via the vcscommand plugin is helpful.
  • Vim is still charityware which makes me proud to use it.
Vim is still my favorite editor because I truly believe that its style of keybindings is faster for experts. Furthermore, it has one of the strongest and most flexible syntax highlighting systems:
  • It supports a ton of languages by default.
  • It does well with files that mix languages like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.
  • It doesn't get confused by Python strings such as """He said, "hi"!""" ;)
I code in a lot of languages, and I love that Vim is consistent and helpful.


Anonymous said…
Hi jj,
Congrats on the launch.

Any more info on Vim? What plugins are you using? I'm learning python and returning to vi(m) after a long absence. It would be great if there was a plugin that could 'auto' fold.

My eyes are telling me to buy a hardcopy version of a vim manual. I wonder if there are any plans to update it, or can you point to any good sources of info?
Cheers, John
I only use the basic vi function from VIM and don't know anything that you've talk about...

Would you point me some link/blog that teach people using these features?
jjinux said…
I've created a new post to respond to these two comments.