Books: Thank God for Editors!

Thank God for editors in general, and O'Reilly editors especially!

As I was reading an O'Reilly book on the train today, I realized how grateful I am for all of the hard work editors put into improving the quality of technical books. Let's face it, technical topics are tough, and programmers aren't always the best writers. As programmers, there's a monumental amount of learning we need to do in very little time using books written by other programmers who also have very little time. Editors help by making the text more uniform. Uniform text can be ingested more quickly. Without the painstaking effort that editors put in, I would have a much harder time reading what I need to read. In fact, every time I come across glaring typos or grammar mistakes, it distracts me from the technical material I'm trying to learn. Editors enable me to focus on the topic at hand.

I know that authors always thank their editors, and that this post might seem a little silly. However, I'd like to tell all the editors out there how thankful I am for the work they do!