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Python: Don't Mix Wing IDE and sshfs

Wing IDE Professional is awesome. sshfs is awesome. Massively large codes bases are, well, sometimes you're stuck with them. But note, Wing IDE, sshfs, and massively large code bases don't mix; it's slooooowwwww . Use NFS instead. By the way, the ability to run Wing IDE on my Linux laptop in order to debug a process running on a remote FreeBSD server (using stackless Python no less!) is fickin' awesome!

Linux: Twin

Twin is a text-mode window environment. It turns a text terminal into a X11-style display with window manager, terminal windows, and can also serve as display for remote applications. Each terminal window provides the functions of a text-mode Linux console. Twin runs on X11, libggi, itself, the Linux console, and any termcap/ncurses-compatible tty. It supports multiple simultaneous displays, and can attach/detach each display on the fly. [from ] I do most of my development on a remote server. Since I'm a bash + vim type guy, that suits me just fine. I usually use screen. This allows me to create multiple virtual terminals as well as detach from the session and reattach later, perhaps from a different computer. Twin can do all this and more, but in a user friendly way! I'm just getting started, but it sure does look neat!