Haskell: Microsoft Haskell PDF

I'm not sure where I got this or how it ended up on my "to read" list, but I'm really quite blown away by it. It amazes me to know that some hardcore Haskell guy somewhere is busy shoving ideas like monads into commonplace languages like Visual Basic. I had also never stopped to consider that Visual Basic is indeed interesting because it embraces the idea "static typing where possible, dynamic typing where needed."


scruzia said…
It might have been from this LtU discussion (directly or indirectly).
Charles Young said…
And into C# as well, of course, although the VB implementation is a little stronger thanks to VB's ideosyncratic support for both static and dynamic typing aprpoaches. For grown-up implementions of the Monadic design pattern, see Microsoft's Linq technologies. This is, frankly, the hottest news in the land of .NET programming languages, and has a lot, lot further to run in terms of language evolution. Apart from anything else, Monads are likely to be used extensively within Microsoft's efforts to meet the demands of multi-core programming.

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