Linux: Verizon Yahoo DSL

I got Verizon Yahoo DSL working on my Dad's Fedora Core 4 box. His modem is a Westell 6100. These directions were very help (which is half the point of this post). Here are some notes:
  • The default username and password for the modem are admin and password. It prompts you to change these once you login.
  • When I called Verizon, they gave me some userid and password, but I don't remember ever needing to use them.
  • The tech support at Verizon was from Alabama and spoke English well.
  • I had problems with the DSL not syncing. The DSL light was just blinking. It turns out my dad plugged the modem into a wall jack that wasn't actually connected to anything. It's strange that they can't work around problems like that in software ;)
  • Since I was helping my dad over the phone, I was really pleased to find out he could give me remote access to the modem. He logged into the modem at He navigated to Maintenance > Remote Access. Once there, he picked a password and turned remote access on. It told him the URL I could use from "outside". Best of all, remote access turns itself off after 20 minutes.
  • PPPoE is running on the modem itself.
  • I'm somewhat confused because I really don't remember configuring much of anything. :-/