Python: Email from Guido

I was cc'd on an email from Guido van Rossum today in which he said, "...Shannon -jj Behrens <>, who I believe was spared. JJ is a really prolific coder..."

Ok, let me just sit back and bask in the glow for a little while before I remind myself that I code four times slower than most people and read books ten times slower ;)

*sigh* ;)


Leon Atkinson said…
Work equals mass times velocity. You must be making it up on the other side of the multiplication symbol.
Brandon L. Golm said…
actually, work equals force times the distance the force is applied. And momentum is mass times velocity.

So, though I can attest to the fact that JJ doesn't get much work done (due to his lack of force); I can say that in spite of his low velocity, he has a lot of momentum due to his high mass.