Python: Almost Famous

Long ago, I worked at a company named Echobridge. The lead engineer was a guy named Noel Rappin. He was a Squeak fan. I set about trying to convert him to Python. Years later, I picked up a copy of Jython Essentials. He was the co-author.

Recently, I started talking with a guy name Ben Bangert. He had the idea of tying together Paste and Myghty into a new framework similar to TurboGears, but more devoted to pluggable micro applications. I donated some code, but mostly said, "No thanks, I'm far too busy with Aquarium." His framework, Pylons, has taken off like a shot and is far more popular than Aquarium.

When I went to PyCon, I sat next to these two guys at a WSGI get together. One of them had an English accent. I remember he said, "We had a look at the other Python Web application frameworks, but didn't find them suitable for our needs, so we wrote our own." I just thought to myself, "Yeah, welcome to the club buddy!" Months later, a project named Django became immensely popular overnight. It wasn't until I saw a video with the authors of the project that I recognized who they were.

I was so close to being hip, slick, and cool ;)

I'm sure we all feel like that sometimes.


Anonymous said…
Seeing as the other Django guys are Americans, I guess that must have been me :) -- Simon Willison
Anonymous said…
Noel's at it again.
Anonymous said…
Hey jj -- look at the interesting things you find when you Google yourself...

Anyway, thanks for the mention... and you did talk me into Python, just on a bit of a delay...

-- Noel
Once again, I was almost famous. Guido van Rossum kept asking me to come work with him on something "really cool" at Google. I said "not right now" because a) I was in the middle of a startup b) I was too burnt out to survive the Google interview process c) they hadn't yet opened up the San Francisco office.

Google just announced what he was working on:

Google Apps Engine
> Google just announced what he was working on:
> Google Apps Engine

Well, it's been five years. I joined Google 3 months ago (working as a developer advocate at YouTube), and just a few minutes ago, I submitted my first change to Google App Engine! I happen to be sitting in Google's San Francisco office (although I normally work in Mountain View).