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Python: Almost Famous

Long ago, I worked at a company named Echobridge. The lead engineer was a guy named Noel Rappin. He was a Squeak fan. I set about trying to convert him to Python. Years later, I picked up a copy of Jython Essentials . He was the co-author. Recently, I started talking with a guy name Ben Bangert. He had the idea of tying together Paste and Myghty into a new framework similar to TurboGears , but more devoted to pluggable micro applications. I donated some code, but mostly said, "No thanks, I'm far too busy with Aquarium ." His framework, Pylons , has taken off like a shot and is far more popular than Aquarium. When I went to PyCon, I sat next to these two guys at a WSGI get together. One of them had an English accent. I remember he said, "We had a look at the other Python Web application frameworks, but didn't find them suitable for our needs, so we wrote our own." I just thought to myself, "Yeah, welcome to the club buddy!" Months

Vim: Output Colorized Source Code

You can use Vim to output colorized source code in HTML. The following command translates all the .tmpl files into .tmpl.html files: for f in *.tmpl; do gvim -f +"syn on" +"let html_use_css = 1" +"run! syntax/2html.vim" +"wq" +"q" $f; done To learn more, type ":help convert-to-HTML" in Vim. What's especially cool is that Vim's syntax highlighting is one of the best and most comprehensive out there.

Python: Cheetah

Tavis Rudd, the author of the Cheetah templating engine has been on fire lately. He's right about to release version 2.0. I use to have a long list of things that I wanted to either fix or improve in Cheetah. However, Tavis slammed through my list and added more than I could have hoped for. It's actually quite impressive how solid a piece of software it is. I've been using it in software used all over the world for a couple years, and now it's even better!

Python: Email from Guido

I was cc'd on an email from Guido van Rossum today in which he said, "...Shannon -jj Behrens < >, who I believe was spared. JJ is a really prolific coder..." Ok, let me just sit back and bask in the glow for a little while before I remind myself that I code four times slower than most people and read books ten times slower ;) *sigh* ;)

Humor: Quotes

When are people going to learn that Java makes a better input for programmers than an output from programmers? I bet ya end users are going to be real pissed off one day when they find out we've been treating 'em like idiots this whole time. GNU's not UNIX--just look at Emacs.