AJAX: Humor

Have you ever noticed that some of your best work happens in the bathroom?

The other day I was trying to resolve a particularly sticky user interface problem. I thought I'd try out some AJAX, Asynchronous JavaScript and XML. It wasn't really working out, and although they really aren't the same thing, I tried some CLOROX, Common Language Object Reference Over XML. Displeased with that, I fell back to COMET, Common Object Method External Transport. Next I thought I'd try some old fashioned BLEACH, Binary Language Exports And C Headers; however I made sure to remove all the COMET first because I've heard that mixing COMET and BLEACH can have disastrous side effects. I think I was most satisfied with CLOROX, especially thanks to its BLEACH heritage. I found that all of these options were better than SOAP, Simple Object Access Protocol, which leaves a sticky substance behind that is nearly impossible to get rid of.