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Security: BSidesSF 2022

 Opening Remarks The theme this year is "from the ground up". They're focusing on community, collaboration, and education. It's a 100% volunteer team. 25 people work year-round. They had speed mentoring sessions. They really need some new volunteers. See bsides.sf/jobs . The talks will be on their YouTube channel. They have a stringent photo policy. You must have the permission of everyone in the frame, and crowd shots where you can see faces are strongly discouraged. Here is the schedule , and here is their YouTube channel . [I wrote these notes by hand and then transcribed them in a single day. I didn't quite expect them to be so voluminous! Happy hacking!] Keynote: We Need More Mediocre Security Engineers Jackie Bow (@jbowocky) from Asana. [This was my favorite talk.] She pointed out that BSidesSF was the last in-person conference that a lot of us attended before the pandemic. That was true for her, and it was for me as well. She's held many jobs in securit