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JavaScript: ForwardJS Day 1

IntroductionI went to ForwardJS. Here are my notes for day 1:Livable CodeSarah Mei @sarahmei @LivableCodeShe's the chief architect at She's been doing software consulting for 10 years--half of her career. She runs RubyConf and RailsConf.She talked at a very high level about the software process in general such as the Capability Maturity Model, Conway's Law, the statement that there's no silver bullet, etc.There's the code, and then there's the team. She's focusing on the codebase.If you see a problem in your code, it's reflecting a problem in your team, and vice versa. is Brooks' paper on "No Silver Bullet".Software is more like theater people putting together a play than factory workers making cars.Software projects are never "done" these days.She talked about software architecture.New jobs are in application development. Rarely do they focus on the architectural concerns. The frameworks alre…

Dear new guy: Some personal advice from an old software engineer to a new software engineer

IntroductionDear new guy (or girl), I threw together this doc based on advice I’ve given to other people in the past. Hence, it wasn’t all written with you in mind, but hopefully, there are a few useful nuggets in here.First of all, beware of pride. Pride has been the downfall of countless individuals. Among other things, it prevents you from being open to contrary points of view which stunt growth.Second of all, you should know that you are talented and intelligent. However, these things are not enough to succeed. There are other things such as discipline, hard work, follow through, prioritization, graciousness, negotiation skills, networking, general communication skills, etc. that are all important for success in our line of work.Email and SlackThe keys to productivity are discipline and flow. Flow takes awhile to get into. Anything that interrupts your flow is disastrous for productivity.Email and Slack are destroyers of productivity. I find that if I read all of my email early in…