Tuesday, April 05, 2011

PyCon: Lightning Talks

Read the Docs is a site that hosts documentation. The speaker said "shit" a lot.

Chef or Puppet--choose one.

Haystack is a project for doing full-text search.

"Emacs pinky" is a real problem.

DjangoZoom enables turnkey deployment for Django.

PyCon did a donation drive for Japan. People could donate by texting to 90999. It wasn't actually very successful, but the Python Software Foundation pitched in to help out.

JavaScript is like English--it's a real mess, but it works.

In ECMAScript 5 (ES5), you can start your script with '"use strict";'.

Firefox (because of the ES Harmony project) has added all sorts of weird additions to JavaScript. Many of them were taken from Python.

flufl.i18n is a high level API for i18n. It's higher level than gettext. It makes it easy to handle multiple languages at the same time. It was written by Barry Warsaw at Canonical.

PyWO is the "Python Window Organizer". It works on top of your existing window manager. It allows you to move and resize windows in useful ways. It support tiling. However, it's less controlling / automatic than a normal tiling window manager.

Grace Law (a Python recruiter) said that you should be learning and hacking in your spare time. It helps with interviews to talk about something you're excited about in your coding life. Speed is also important. You should be quick.

Side note: I saw lots of Ubuntu users and lots of Macs. Windows users were more unusual this year.


ToddA said...

Side note: I saw lots of Ubuntu users and lots of Macs. Windows users were more unusual this year.

Do you mean that Windows users are becoming weirder? Or more rare? The two alternatives seem equally likely.

Shannon -jj Behrens said...

It seems like several years ago, the split was 1/3, 1/3, 1/3.

This year, there were a lot more Macs and a lot fewer Windows machines. The percentage of Linux boxes was about the same (perhaps 1/3 or slightly less).

KosciaK said...

Someone mentioned PyWO on PyCon? Cool!