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MySQL: MySQLdb Bugs

Here's a blog post from the author of MySQLdb that explains why development was at a standstill for so long.


Anonymous said…
The state of drivers for Python is abysmal. I can't believe that a single person is working on this, and that MySQL support has been frozen for months. That post was a million years ago, and even it was to answer why even more months have passed since the last active development.

'Just use PostgreSQL' is a shitty suggestion. This blows.
Anonymous said…
I can see in svn that some brave hacker finally picked up mysqldb and is working actively on bugs and old code. I think we can expect a good release soon.
Anonymous said…
Wouldn't his last post be more relevant?
Kyle V said…
jj, you heard that I have commit access now, right? I'm going to try to move things forward.
Kyle is the man. There is hope for the rest of us ;)
Kyle V said…
Just in case people are still following this post or its comments (and thanks to its high Google rank) I thought I'd just say that MySQLdb 1.2.3b2 will be out soon-ish with 2 important fixes. First, it'll compile on OSX and *BSD out of the box (silly conflicting #ifdef has been removed). Second, it doesn't appear to leak when using unicode anymore. Woo!

I'm hoping to wrap up and get 1.2.3 out of beta soon, so please let me know if you have any horrible bugs you think need handling. You can search anywhere for "kylev" and find me easily, or use the kylev address at to get through.