Monday, August 06, 2007

Vim: VimOutliner

I make heavy use of a nicely indented notes file and a TODO file. Until recently, I had never used an outline editor, even though my files were basically outlines. I saw my buddy, Alex Jacobson, using his outline editor, and I decided to try out the one for Vim. Within a couple hours, I was hooked!

Actually, there are several outline plugins for Vim, but I think that VimOutliner is the best.
  • It has nice syntax highlighting for the different levels.
  • It manages Vim's folding as you would expect.
  • It understands how to put a paragraph of text under a heading and how to automatically turn on line wrapping.
  • It supports checkboxes, and it's really smart about working with them.
  • It supports inter-document linking.
  • It has a nice menu, so you don't have to memorize the documentation before getting started.
Best of all, since it's a Vim plugin, it fits right in with my blazing-fast, Vim editing skills.


braunval said...


did you know LEO?

Is a superb outliner which let you edit and save nodes in your prefered editor.

Shannon -jj Behrens said...

It lets you save and edit individual nodes but not the entire outline in Vim, right? The nice thing about the Vim plugin is that I can manage the whole outline using Vim, which I know really well.

Thanks for telling me about Leo, though ;)