Tuesday, February 27, 2007

PyCon: Developing with IronPython and Windows Forms

Here are some random comments:
  • One of the IronPython guys was a "reformed" Ruby on Rails guy ;)
  • One of the guys didn't even like Windows, but admitted, "Windows Forms is nice."
  • C# doesn't have first class functions.
  • The ability to use Windows Forms and IronPython together is a great boon for .NET developers.
  • If you're going to use this stuff, buy the full version of Visual Studio instead of relying on the free version.

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Fuzzyman said...

Hello JJ,

Thanks for your comments.

IronPython development is very easy without Visual Studio. You can also use the designer in Visual Studio Express (free) to generate C# and then subclass in IronPython. Just remember to set the attributes you need access to to protected...